I was looking into a pair from Forever 21 online but I found out they were 96% polyester. I’m very interested in Citizens of Humanity Rocket skinny jeans, but I’m confused as each pair has a different makeup of materials. Stretch is not a priority with the company. These are like super stretchy leggings which you can pull out almost 2 sizes, but they mould to your body and cling like leggings do. Lorna. That means it bounces back to its original size very easily without creating drooping or bagging. Thank you!!! If not, is it free to exchange? I prefer the Alissa style. It works with all denim! Hi Sue! As the times have changed though, you are in luck because so many brands have brought out denim with different stretch and fabrications, meaning that baggy, saggy jeans are a thing of the past and your jeans wont stretch out. This is the standard makeup of stretch denim jeans and once you wear them a few times, they will get looser and stretch out. Could you please help me decide if I should but a size 27 or 28 in Paige jeans? My normal size was just a tad big, I bought the smaller size and now thinking they may lose their shape while wearing…, I saw a jeans online and i wasnt sure whetehr to get a 26 or 27. After repeated abuse, though the blended strechy fabric appears to be lightweight and ones movement seems to be much more flexible, i have noticed that the strechy fabric jeans developed “stress rips” in areas where 100% cotton jeans would not. They were the Verdugo Transcend Crop – black wash. - Easy to launder- the care of these fibers is still important but it is not as bad as other delicate fabrics on the market today. Hi I actually couldn’t tell the difference on those by the fabric blend, there’s so many fabrics these days. You’ve helped make my decision, it’s a keeper ? I just bought an xs 100% cotton denim long pair of overalls and they are a size too small (it’s a struggle to get up the side buttons) but I love them and they are the last pair anywhere! It sounds like it’s pretty inconsistent with the sizing and that’s probably down to the fabric blends all being different, so without me having tried this brand or this particular pair, I’m not able to say. Are you familiar with White House Black Market jeans? Patch pockets and accent stitching define these classic utility pants crafted with a cotton-lyocell blend and a bit of stretch for extra comfort With two front pockets, two back patch pockets and a zippered … Thanks, Lorna! say that Paige Verdugo should not get baggy. On top of those positive points, these sheets have antibacterial properties and are good for people with sensitive skin. This means you can change the color whenever you feel like it. Those are the ones I bought. The 27 petite have the perfect fit. If they’re comfortable before, then they will most likely always become baggy. I can get my entire hand in sideways if I stretch it out. But it is so difficult to find actual low rise jeans anymore so I didn’t want to give up yet on these. I find out of stretch jeans, these are the ones that will bag out the most because they don’t have much recovery in them. The lyocell fabric is softer and lighter than denim and it has an incredible amount of stretch, making these great for everything from active lifestyles to working from home. Perhaps if the denim manufacturers would experiment with a less then 1% amount of spandex. Don’t use heat as that can shrink up the denim and ruin the elasticity of them. But the second pair are stretch jeans 82% cotton 17% polyester 1% elastane, this pair are fit at first i wore them but not tight. Does Acrylic Stretch? Thicker denim usually always stretches out unfortunately as it’s closer to its cotton form. I want to buy a Skinzee super-low and these are Total Recovery Stretch. – Buy Jeans like this online at ASOS, Topshop, American Eagle and GAP. I looked at them so many times and thought they were finally going to be “the ones” and I felt guilty about returning them. It’s 98% Cotton 2% polyurethane. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hello…I have to say that I am sooo unhappy with today’s jeans. Released hem. My advice would be to pull at the seams and see if they look sturdy and strong, but you can also do wet stretching on denim that’s thicker and sturdy, that works a treat on jeans so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on a dress. Which wash/colour did you buy? Cotton usually stretches out almost a full size, but always go with what you feel comfortable in. Blend is 96% cotton, 3% poly, 1% elastane. I went to Nordstrom and tried on the size 25 and 24 and ended up going with the 24. I bought some jeans from soft surroundings the fabric is listed as 70% Cotton, 28% Lycra Elasterell-p, 2% Lycra Spandex. Denim usually stretches rather than shrinks, so it might give a bit with wear anyway! Cotton/Tencel® lyocell… Probably not too bad as a shirt, but pretty rubbish as jeans. Thanks again. But the fabric can also shrink on you if you do not care for it properly or something happened to its shrink resistance nature. Wondering if you can help. Should I go for a 30 in the Skinzee then? I find the cheaper brands which make these jeans tend to become quite baggy after time, but if you choose something like the 7 For All Mankind Leggings, the normal PAIGE Verdugo jeans, the Rag & Bone Legging, the J Brand 620, the new GRLFND skinny jeans or the AG Legging Jeans, these are very stretchy and comfortable, with minimal stretching out qualities. Big Star. Tags: denim, Performance, sustainable. Well, the Polyester seems to help with holding shape a little, but all in all, i still prefer the old blends. I am 5’6 and about 115-120lbs (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Shop Blue Jumpsuits, Navy Leggings, Printed Jumpsuits, Lace Midi Dresses and more. So you think it would stretch out a tiny bit for me? I haven’t seen any of these in a while, but they used to be really popular back in the days of Rock & Republic. Lyocell fabric is very strong whether it is wet or dry, and it is more resistant to pilling than cotton. Thus, this proves that there is a denim blend for every occasion. I’ve always heard that Nudie stretch out but I’m not familiar with brand new styles, so if I can take a look at a link online, that might help! So bad it’s painful and you can barely button them? As it’s affiliated and helps keep Jeans Blog running so I’m able to help others with advice/reviews etc! (Maybe from 2009,2010?). The denim consists of 63% Cotton, 35% Polyester and 2% Spandex. I tried on a cousin’s Levi’s 710 super skinny(74%cotton, 24%polyester and 2%elastane) and I really loved them. But it exists. I prefer a stretchier denim, but this seems like it was stretch too much and not retain shape. The blend is 92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% polyurethane. Update: I’ve been wearing the 24’s for over 2hrs (sitting too) and they aren’t that bad in terms of tightness. It has a 28″ inseam, but they are tight enough at the ankle and I just roll them up a bit. We probed our denim aficionado, market editor … Just purchased a pair of Victoria Beckham 100% cotton jeans. The general rule is buy jeans that are really tight and uncomfortable to begin with because they stretch out, so you have to break them in to have the perfect fit after stretch. You can wet stretch them by dampening the tight areas and wearing them until they fit perfectly. Five-pocket style. Plus, this fiber helps denim breath even better as well as regulate body temperatures along with helping the drape of denim. (I am 5’4″ 120 lbs…just a little flabby on the thigh!) Is that combination of fabrics going to stretch at all? Will these jeans stretch to accommodate slightly larger hips and thighs? Jeans made of this material bend how does it last in long run? With jeans though, it’s always best to buy them really tight to begin with so they mould to your body shape. This has happened to probably every single one of us out there who loves denim, so how do we get around that issue? I like the Maddie Boot cut from Buckle, but they stopped selling and I’d like to have more than one style to wear. The older versions are a poly/cotton blend, but the newer ones have elastane and lycra. So I just bought the AG JEANS “The Farrah Skinny Ankle” (high rise skinny ankle). They are a great team. Rock & Republic do a lot of poly/cotton blend jeans, the only problem I find with this blend is they run quite big in the waist and you get a little gap. Any thoughts? These are a hybrid denim which mixes denim and sweat pants together, creating a soft, comfortable sweat pant jean. One thing about this product is that it is a fairly recent discovery and little is still known about it. Hi Lorna! Unfortunately with 100% cotton denim, it’s a fabric that will ALWAYS stretch out no matter what you do. Plus, it resists shrinking so you do not have to worry about stretching the material back to its original size. He bought a new belt and even suspenders and it just don’t work. With 49%cotton 31%Lyocell, 18%polyester and 2%elastane, I’ve linked them down below, the two I’m confused between. The 25’s fit comfortably, but I can already tell the back of the waist is loose (and my lower back curves inward significantly). What is known is that when turned into bed sheets you have very comfortable and soft bedding to sleep under. Will these “bag out”? GAP is selling these archive reissue high rise denim shorts. But after an hour or so of eating the stomach area grew tremendously. I’d like some suggestions on jeans i should purchase.. I also tryed on the same pairs in a 25, which is much snugger, but not uncomfortable – I can still button/zip them, but they do create a bit of a “muffin top” look, unfortunately. Jeans were originally designed to be rugged and take abuse. I’m 5’3 125 lbs and have been on a mission to find jeans that flatter my shape and don’t show any bulges. However, I’m not sure if I should keep them for a few reasons. They are my “exact” measurements (standing) un-stretched but I want room to sit without them being too tight in the hip/groin area or stretching out too much before the day is over ? I have a very hard time finding jeans that are comfortable. they are made of 73% Organic cotton,25% Polyester,2% Elastane. So far, the best super stretchy denim that I have come across which actually retains its shape and size is the PAIGE TRANSCEND Denim, The James Jeans Twiggy Dancer, and the new DL1961 Instasculpt Denim. – Buy Diesel Jogg Jeans online by clicking here. I am a size 4 or 6. please help! I wear a size 31 in the stretch. Hi Sally, what brand and style of jean are they? And what about a pull&bear jeans made of 42% cotton, 31% polyester, 25% rayon, 2% elastane ? If you want to talk more about how you can add TENCEL™ Lyocell to your denim, reach out to us at denim@lenzing.com. Do they hold shape? I’m willing to give Paige or any other brand you recommend a try. DIESEL TEPPHAR 084SY Mens Denim Faded Jeans Lyocell Stretch Regular Slim Carrot. I just purchased a pair of jeans 56% cotton, 26% polyester, 17% modal and 1% elastase. If you want the perfect fitting jeans, find out what the different denim fabrications mean and how/if they will stretch out below. I never would have shopped there but I couldn’t find the material combo anywhere else and I am very happy with the fit and material. Is the Tri blend a very stretchy denim? Did they end up giving a bit? Hope sizing down works! I hope that helps? I hope that helps! Lorna, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. Very great article! If not, you can always try this method if they are becoming too uncomfortable https://thejeansblog.com/jeans-advice/how-to-stretch-your-jeans/. It sounds like you don’t like them as much as you should and sometimes that’s all we need to send them back. The jeans with the least stretch are usually the 98/2 … The composition is 98% cotton. Thanks. And fit like a glove. I have a couple of other off brand designer jeans of the same blend. My best advice to you if you if you want a classic jean with a more rigid or thicker denim, but you hate your jeans sagging in the butt and legs, is to buy them really tight and stretch them out, like I mentioned above. The 27 fit fine, but I think I might need to size down. Thanks Lona for reply. The jeans with the least stretch are usually the 98/2 blend as they are thicker and not as soft. Based on what they look like, I would think they would stretch a bit, but I’m not very familiar with the majority of the fabric being Tencel so I couldn’t say for definite. Lyocell will shrink about 3% with the first washing, and will resist shrinking from then on. (typically Paige and lucky jeans with a cotton/poly/elastine mix). The one thing you need to be wary of is that this is not a miracle fabric and the amount of stretch you get will not match elastic, rubber, nylon, or spandex. Mother of Pearl’s polka-dotted lyocell cami retails for £185, and the Tentree “Kayaker” T-shirt, made of lyocell blended with organic cotton and recycled polyester, is available for £28.99. I am very desperate to find a SPECIFIC pair of jeans made by Hydraulic. Hi, velvet is often really hard to understand in terms of stretch as it depends on how thin it is and how closely knitted, but from experience, velvet jeans on me have stretched a bit. Hi! Hi Lorna, One question for you. So if you are looking for a very comfortable jean to wear that wont stretch out, these are it. I washed with cold water and air dried, just like the instructions! Lyocell, as a cellulosic fibre, absorbs moisture and is fully biodegradable. Are there any manufactures making this denim blend anymore for mens jeans? Thank you! Hi there! Is Acrylic Itchy or Soft? Erika, howdid your Jeans with Tencel go? Live and learn. Great read — tons of helpful info!!! It has driven me crazy that i purchase jeans they fit perfect for the first 5 minutes but by the end of the day they are falling off and bagging at the legs. But I don’t have the option to go down a size because I am a size 23… American Eagle was my favorite brand because they always fit so nice, I started buying the 000(triple zero) but over the past few years I feel like they just bagging out super quick. The waist is very comfy, though the waistband is thick; fit on hips and thighs is snug, still comfortable, but with minimal give. or 89% COTTON, 10% POLYESTER, 1% LYCRA If you do get to exchange with PAIGE, I would size down if you can! I found a nice pair online Citizens of Humanity Lya High Rise Classic Fit Color: Sunday Morning Boyfriend. I also look for high rise at least 10” which flattens the stomach area. Or will they bag out more than stretch? But it may prove to be a better blend. Thank you. Rag & Bone Dre Mid-Rise Cropped Skinny Stretch-Twill Jeans Details Rag & Bone "Dre" jeans in 10 oz. Even after multiple wears, they don’t stretch out and lose their shape at all, they remain tight and perfect. And when you bought them, were they really tight or they had a comfortable fit? I like comfy but I’d prefer them not to loosen after a few hours. Did you wash them on hot? The issue is that I’m about 7 pounds underweight, and working on gaining those pounds back. I have an opportunity to purchase at a discount a pare of AG legging in a 98% cotton/ 2% elastane blend. » Does Tencel Lyocell Stretch? You might buy the perfect fitting pair in the store, only to wear them a couple of times and realise they have stretched out a size and now don’t fit very well. I have a few pairs of these 514 Levi’s in a light washed out blue, they were all MADE IN CAMBODIA. So good to know you are still replying to this old thread. It’s a blend of amazing stretch which snaps back into shape without damage, a soft cotton, and a poly mix to keep it held in place. I’m trying to find some jeans for my brother that don’t stretch. They may be really comfortable and as stretchy as leggings, but if you don’t get them right, they will stretch and get saggy, just like the classic 98/2 blend. Now this is somewhat of a miracle isn’t it? What Tencel Lyocell does, and which most people talk about, is to help the denim spring back to its original shape and provide lots of comfort. And, now, do some more lunges. - Durable- even though it can shrink on you it is made to be shrink resistant, strong, and long-lasting. I usually wear a 27, but those jeans have 2% elastane, I think these have one. Which means it hangs nicely, but it will lose its shape and become weak and floppy quickly. These are an odd sort of stringy, strechy rip, unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. and how this jeans material will stretch; stretch jeans. What do you think? I was wondering if a “46% Cotton, 33% lyocell, 20% recycled cotton, 1% spandex” blend for a pair of skinny jeans will loose their shape and “bag out”? Thank you! I’ve been trying to find a cheaper pair of skinny jeans that won’t sag and stretch. That is the only way I can get my thicker legs into them. Will they stretch out? Finally, I’ve included the Jogg Jeans from Diesel. Hi Lorna. They are made out of 80% cotton 18% polyester & 2% spandex. However, on the company website, they recommend going up one size because the denim is “rigid”, stating that it will conform to your body over time. Can’t decide which to keep!! I’m 5′, 4″ and about 110 lbs, petite frame. There’s one thing we can all associate jeans with and that’s the fact that they have stretched out and become too baggy over time. Sorry for all the questions, it will help in making sure you get the right jeans next time! This specific blend of materials … Your new jeans should be a pair you love and are incredibly excited to wear. Cruel Girl The general rule is size up for 100% and rigid denim as they are very tight and restrictive, but will stretch out, and the super stretch legging jeans, size down. If you love a tight fit that is super skinny, then a TRANSCEND or Twiggy Dancer would be ideal for you because of how comfy they are and how much stretch they contain. You’re welcome. They are stiffer and they are not the most comfiest of jeans, tending to run small because of the non stretch factor, but they don’t stretch out really badly and they hold their shape and size with a lot of wear. Thanks! I’m usually a size 10-12 in pants so these sizes are a bit new to me. In the meantime, i still think that the American consumer is being the sucker here, the denim manufactures are blending in the strechy crap and promoting it as a positive, when in fact the strechy crap just causes people to run out and buy another pair sooner. Good American jeans are designed to fit every woman of every size, and that's exactly what they do. thanks. “Nut huggers” was a street slang term used in the 1970’s. QQ on western jeans (my daughter hates stretch but these are the type/brands of jeans), are there any types that you have maybe reviewed with little to no stretch and which brands are those. I own a few pairs of their jeans … Without sounding like a masochistic perv– that’s all I can say is that some receive a certain sense of pleasure from pressure points or a restricted feel against their body. This article really helped but before I go buy a few pairs I’d like to see what you think, thank you so much in advance! So definitely buy them as tight as you can handle to begin with. Could really do with some denim expertise here , https://www.levi.in/women/clothing/jeans/5649500013030.html?vgid=564950001, https://www.levi.in/women/clothing/jeans/1877100033030.html?vgid=187710003. A lot of people mistake my name. I’m interested in Citizens of Humanity Parker Relaxed Cuffed Crop…however I’m not familiar with the stretch factor of “77% denim and 23% rayon”…? I won’t be able to return and have no way to try. Thank you for such a helpful article! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your normal MOTHER size? Or do I go for the next size and hope it’ll shrink up? Same as with lycra? They are a US size 11 and they fit well and hold their shape. I got a pair of these https://www.nudiejeans.com/product/hightop-tilde-dark-blue, My first Nudie pair and I got these as I want to be more sustainable. Should I size down on this? Hi Jenn, unfortunately it’s not possible to say based on that. You also brought up and interesting fabric without the stretchy 2%, that is the 60/40 Cotton-Polyester blend. The jeans with the most stretch are usually the jeans which contain Lyocell and Rayon, those are extremely stretchy and soft fabrics. Great article! Thanks. I don’t mind spending $ on the right pair of jeans. And you’re very welcome for the advice. I bought them in 2011 or 2012 & Ive worn them out. Plus not sure how they’ll stretch in the long run as I have other Jag jeans and they are ALL DIFFERENT sizes. Please tell me where we can find jeans that stays up. What is a priority is your health as the makers of this material give it anti-bacterial properties so you can feel peaceful when wearing the material or sleeping underneath it. For example, you mentioned -Byron bay, 46% cotton, 27% lyocell, 25% rayon, 2% spandex and Axel 44% rayon, 29% cotton, 25% cupro, 2% polyurethane, which have different materials. Or do you mean that they become stretched out until they are washed again and then they get their form back? It does not tend to be a stretchy material. I am looking into buying a pair of frame high waist skinny jeans. Thank you! Ive tried to google what styles Hydraulic made in those yrs & still no luck! Those are cool! The 24’s are extremely tight, give me a muffin top and are too uncomfortable to wear more than an hour at this point. They’re jeans are cheap and low quality. Machine washing, using the gentle cycle, is appropriate for many garments (read the garment care label), and … PLEASE HELP!! Thanks! No problem, I know you meant Lorna. So I have old, ripped out Express low rise 99% cotton/1% spandex and Gap 1969 87% cotton/12% polyester/1% spandex. The size 28 is snug but comfortable around the calf and thigh area but even after 5mins wearing them around the house the waist seems too loose and I’m already pulling them up. There are so many to choose from, even within a single brand. Produced with Lyocell & Modal fibers, TENCEL™ Denim is a soft jeans textile material that offers long-lasting softness without losing its durability. Where did you hear that? To me it sounds like it might stretch out, but could you tell me what the brand of the jeans are and how much they were? They were pretty pricey. Probably should just watch out for not gaining any extra , I think they would stretch out a bit actually, they look like they will with wear. Hi ya’ll! Don’t do it until you have worn them about 5 times though as they will probably stretch on their own and you don’t want to make them too big. Or from Lorna? Will these stretch out slightly, or no? i just thought the legs of my jeans were stretching out because I must be a weird shape. Hi Lorna, thanks for your reply. Fast delivery, and 24/7/365 real-person service with a smile. Hi, yeah I’ve heard of them. I like them enough to try them! The best thing that can be said about stretching Tencel lyocell is that to get it stretched a little bit, all you should do is wet it slightly, not soaking wet, and pull on the places by hand that you want to make bigger. If you plan on wearing them quite a lot then I would take the size which are smaller if they aren’t too painful or uncomfortable. Yes, lyocell does stretch and the good thing about this nee fabric is that it can hold its original shape well after stretching. The product made by this company is called Lyocell and it is supposed to be a sustainable material that provides comfort smoothness and versatility. Also, I seem to be different sizes in all types of jean styles so it makes it really hard for me when trying on jeans. Without getting to terribly intimate –there are obvious differences in the sexes, so It is possible I suppose that woman wearing a tight pair of jeans may not get a sense of intimate pleasure. I actually contacted Nordstrom first, since I had purchased through them. Can you show me which ones they are? Do leave me any questions below in the comments section too! There’s tips like buying them extremely, painfully tight, and wearing them so they stretch out to be the perfect fit (this was common for my era) but it’s a pain in the butt (quite literally) and it is really frustrating to do. Honestly, this shows a really basic understanding of the material compositions which are widely available for purchase, beyond the 98/2 ratio it is easily enough to find jeans which are 94% cotton and also free from basically comprised polyester, which instead uses elasto-emulsifier and and small amounts of nylon for a soft textured outer layer. Do you perhaps have a link or some more information? poly denim. Lyocell is a type of rayon fabric that is made from dissolving cellulose or wood pulp using an innovative spinning process. It sounds kind of terrible, but they are actually thick, soft, and don't stretch out (Paige's Transcend denim blend). Hi, they should stretch to fit you I think. I hope that helps! The Tencel is definitely what makes them super soft, it’s a very soft material. These are by True Religion. I am 5ft 5” in height.
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