4:05 Standing at Spawn For 10 Hours . The first boss Stampy defeated was the Eye of Cthulu in episode 11. The eye of cthulu The golem Ocram The twins Plantera The duke of fishron Lepus Solar eclipse ... Ocram is probably the … May also spawn randomly once you reach 200 health/10 defense and a few NPCs live in your town. He defeated it with the help of HICKSTERMAB. 31 : Spazmatism : Used by the boss Spazmatism. Ocram is one of the two final bosses in the 3DS versionof Terraria. Terraria 1.3 - How To Spawn An Alien Invasion Event!This might just be my favourite Terraria Spoiler of 2018! Ocram is probably the hardest boss. Sometimes he stops in the air, firing a 180 360 sweeping lazer across the screen. To summon him, the player will need to use the Suspicious Looking Skull at night. To summon the Ocram you MUST use a suspicious looking skull at night. Ocram is »Marco« backwards – apparently Marco is the name of the programmer who coded the console boss Ocram. The Eye of Cthulhu is one of the Pre-Hard Mode bosses in Terraria. Terraria has several bosses and events that Stampy came across. 33 : Skeletron Prime (Saw) Used by Skeletron Prime. All three mechanical bosses must be defeated before summoning this boss. Ocram despawned in episodes 143 and 144, and Stampy … 1 Behavior 2 Strategy 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Update info Ocram's attack style is very similar to that of the Eye of Cthulhu. Terraria . Empress of light nose – Eol's nose kinda also looks like a mouth, that's it Its appearance is a large, brown, head-esque figure with bone-like segments protruding from its sides, alongside a visible, green brain that has tentacles pointing upwards from it. You need to defeat at least 3 mechanical bosses before the Ocram is summonable. 29 : The Hungry : Used by The Hungry, spawned from the Wall of Flesh. He claws the air, firing piercing 1 3 claw beams at the player. hen battling this boss, when its health goes under half it goes to its second form doing more damage. Summoning Item: Suspicious Looking Eye Materials to Craft the Suspicious Looking Eye: Lens x6 - Kill Demon or Wandering Eyes at night. The Suspicious Looking Skull is a summoning item that is crafted at either the Mythril Anvil or the Orichalcum Anvil with a Mechanical Skull, 2 Mechanical Eyes, and 10 Adamanite Bars/10 Titanium Bars. This item summons Ocram, a mobile/console-exclusive boss, witch drops a … It is usually the first boss that new players encounter, and is generally considered to be the second easiest boss in the game (the easiest being King Slime). Mechanic was a slave – According to Terraria lore, the mechanic was captured and forced to create the mechanical bosses. Ocram is a console-exclusive bonus boss introduced in Terraria. 6:55 Terraria is REMOVING Ocram and 30 .Terraria - Ocram boss solo magic/range kill, Adamantite armor & Harp (PS3) . 30 : Retinazer : Used by the boss Retinazer. Wall of Flesh (Eye) Used by the boss Wall of Flesh's eyes. Once the fight starts, Ocram summons 3 5 Servants, then rams the player twice. ... Stampy fought Ocram. Forgotten Geode - 100% Summoned with an Evil Omen, which is crafted by combining all three mech boss summons, and 5 Souls of Night & Light. 32 : Skeletron Prime (Head) Used by Skeletron Prime. Ocram has a notable strip of green rhombus-like figures on its face that constantly flash in a pattern. Notes: Craft at Demon/Crimson Altar, use at night. Read Ocram from the story Boss guide for Terraria by 21rowcma with 1,380 reads. guide, epic, terraria. This eye may be found randomly in chests while exploring. Terraria 1.3 Expert Mode .
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