Hormosira banksii (Turner) Decaisne is a brown macro-alga common to southeastern and southern Australia. Hormosira banksii (Turner) Decaisne accepted: CAAB; Hormosira banksii … Fucus banksii Turner, 1808 Fucus moniliformis Labillardière, 1806 Hormosira banksii var. *Bladders also contain air enabling it to … Providers NIWA NZIB Provider Contribution Summary Biostatus ==Adaptations:== Structural: *Tough modified leaves with small bladders (pockets) that store water to prevent getting dehydrated. Notheia anomala is a macroalgae in the family Notheiceae and the order Fucales.It is native to New Zealand and Australia.It is an obligate epiphyte that is commonly found growing on Hormosira (although there is a single unconfirmed observation of Notheia being attached to Xiphophora chondrophylla). Hormosira banksii, also known as Neptune's necklace, Neptune's pearls, sea grapes, or bubbleweed) is a species of seaweed (brown algae, Fucales) native to Australia and New Zealand. Neptune's necklace Hormosira banksii ID by Zack Gold Tasmania April 3, 2012 Phylum: Heterokontophyta Class: Phaeophyceae Order: Fucales Family: Hormosiraceae Genus: Hormosira Species: Hormosira banksii. It is abundant on low-energy rocky reefs at midtide levels, where it outcompetes other algal species due to its high tolerance to desiccation.This is because it has a slimy layer that conserves moisture. phylum Ochrophyta subphylum Phaeista infraphylum Marista superclass Fucistia class Phaeophyceae order Fucales family Hormosiraceae genus Hormosira species Hormosira banksii (Turner) Decne. Hormosira banksii inferred accepted: Queensland: Classification codes under the Nature Conservation Act 1992; Bare scientific name reallocated to Hormosira banksii (Turner) Decne. Related pages Kelp Neptune's necklace Sargassum seaweed. The canopy forms important habitat for intertidal invertebrates and other algae such as gastropods, crustaceans, delicate red algae. by taxonomy builder. Some infaunal bivalves do serve as anchors for holdfasts of macroalgae, like Katelysia rhinophera hosting Hormosira banksii in Princess Royal Harbor, Western Australia (Black and Peterson, 1987), and such macroalgal growth is habitat for many smaller crustaceans and fish. Hormosira banksii German: Neptuns Halskette, Neptuns Perlen, Meertrauben English: Neptune's Necklace, Neptune's Pearls, Sea Grapes Or Bubbleweed Category: Brown algae Family tree: Chromista (Kingdom) > Ochrophyta (Phylum) > Phaeophyceae (Class) > Fucales (Order) > Hormosiraceae (Family) > Hormosira (Genus) > banksii (Species) Initial determination: A common intertidal seaweed in southern Australia, Neptune's necklace stores water in hollow beads to survive drying out. It is very slow growing and is easily broken by human trampling and wild storms which reduces its habitat quality. Hormosira banksii Taxonomy ID: 87157 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid87157) current name This alga can form large mats on rock platforms and is the only persistent intertidal canopy-forming algal species in Victoria. Name that tune Hormosira banksii ID by Zack Gold Tasmania April 3, 2012. sieberii (Bory de saint-Vincent) Harvey, 1860 Hormosira billardierii (Bory de Saint-Vincent) J.Agardh, 1848 Hormosira gracilis Kützing, 1847 Hormosira moniliformis Meneghini Hormosira sieberi (Bory de … The thallus consists of branched chains of water-filled vesicles (or receptacles), spherical to elongate in shape (Womersley 1987), but the morphology is very variable. Phylum: Phaeophyta Family: Hormosiraceae Species: Hormosira banksii.
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