Both of them seem to work in lace pretty well, though I will note the following two things - the yarn is held double in the lace project and that cotton and acrylic don’t block open as well as animal fibers (though linen blocks fairly well). In this case we'll search for similar patterns (DK weight, lace, pullover) and see what other people knit them out of. It also looks hand-dyed, which could mean alternating skeins in lace. This is a fun yarn with a chainette style construction. As a designer, my most frequently asked questions is "why is your gauge so weird?" The fiber content matches exactly. 18 st w/ #9. 2 oz. Carlstadt, NJ, 07072, Customer Service Knitting up on 5.5-6mm needles, this gorgeous yarn (we love the green shades!) It’s Always a Picnic at Lion Brand! Looking for a high-quality, #5 bulky acrylic yarn? This can give you a good hint of what the fabric would look like. With Drops Air you get 150m for 50g whereas with a typical aran/worsted merino you’d only get 80-90m for every 50g. The fabric will be lighter than with the original yarn. Watch my review video for my opinion of this yarn, including a comparison to a similar, more budget-friendly substitute. Chainette: A Lofty New Luxury Yarn. This is one way that I find new patterns, new designers and new designs that I lov… These yarns are machine-washable and color-bright, and they keep their good looks wash after wash after wash. How do you narrow it down? 50 grams. Whether you're following a knitting pattern or making your own creations, getting the right wool or yarn is an important decision. You can use any yarn that has a suggested gauge equal to the gauge of your pattern. That's 65% drapey (linen/alpaca). Rich, vibrant colours and a chainette construction gives Lang Yarns Vivienne beautiful stitch definition, and makes it a perfect choice for aran weight projects, or even some chunky patterns. It’s fun to really focus on one specific yarn and explore all the projects people have been making with it. Lion Brand Yarn Then you could search for a linen/cotton  or cotton/bamboo blend (drapey/firm) or something similar. Eyelash yarn, Ladder Ribbon yarn, Mohair yarn, yarn online shop See why Lion Brand Yarn has been a beloved American brand since 1878. For Shibui Knit's Maai the basics are this - DK weight, 70% alpaca/30% merino. The reason why I named my tank the Take Two Top is because you only have to make 2 of the EXACT same panels to create it!
A Hairpin Lace Loom; A Tapestry/Yarn Needle for weaving in ends; Pattern Notes. Using Ravelry to Find a Yarn Substitution, Not discontinued, dk weight, contains alpaca and wool, projects on ravelry that have been knit up in the yarn, Knitting 101 - Part 2: The Knit Stitch (Continental Style), Knitting 101 - Part I: Casting On (Long Tail), Corrugated Ribbing Tutorial (for Two Hands). Maggi’s Brushed Alpaca. What are it's basic qualities? Alternatively, if scrolling through pictures of yarn isn't your thing, you can do a project based-search. Step #2 - Back to Ravelry, this time  to the advanced yarn search page. This method works best if the gauge of your pattern is given over stockinette if knitting, or over single crochet if crocheting. Maggi’s Mist Slub. They have released new additions include Amazing Lace, Beautiful You, Color Made Easy, Crayola Cake, Ferris Wheel, Flikka, Mandala Sparkle, Terryspun, Touch of Merino and Touch of Mohair. But wait, there's more! 100% alpaca. What is Fiber Friday? rating of 4.1 from 391 votes Find Lion Brand color cards at Page created: May 24, 2018
. I'd also advise that if you're designing for magazines that your design isn't yarn-dependent for the same reason. 14 st w/ #10. Even if you know you don't want to use it. For the left we have an example for the Weekend DK and one for the Shibui Linen on the right. Lion Brand has been a family-owned and operated business and a beloved American brand since 1878. See more ideas about Yarn, Knit picks, Knitting. From the Lion Brand website: Scarfie is a soft and lofty wool blend yarn with enough yardage to knit or crochet a full length scarf. Lion Brand’s Boogie Nights is a similar, chainette-constructed yarn that will work well as a substitute! Lion Brand® yarns are sold online, at craft chains, discount chains and independent shops across the United States. CAL Introduction – Simple Stitch Top. 11 Reviews. The Alpaca Yarn Co's Astral -   50% Tencel, 30% Alpaca, 20% Wool. 45% firm/ 45% drape (not sure what the missing 10% is). Alpaca is drapey, so is silk, bamboo, tencel, and linen. In this case, a lace garment of some kind. If you still require help, please contact support! Sometimes I'll go out and buy something if I'm looking for something specific or need a different color, but  I usually do my design swatches from my stash, which mostly contains a lot of leftovers from previous designs. We're so excited to announce our new Quick + Easy Knits collection, FREE for a limited time! Founded in 1863, the Frye Company is the oldest continuously operating shoe company in the United States. The original Stonecutter was knit in Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo, so that could be a good choice too. 80% acrylic, 20% mohair. Just like fibre properties, different yarn constructions impart very different qualities to the yarn. 50 grams. The qualities of this yarn are a very close match. Contact Information Lion Brand Yarn 135 Kero Road Carlstadt, NJ, 07072. 8am to 4pm EST (Mon - Fri), BECOME A SPOTLIGHT VIP Get VIP discounts, attend exclusive events and more The chainette construction makes it  light and "springy" per the description. Amore yarn is a #4 medium worsted weight yarn, so you can easily substitute yarns for this hat pattern. However there appear to be some well-blocked lace projects in Weekend DK, (Also the sample wasn’t aggressively blocked). Lion Brand Color Made Easy is a great choice! Maybe you've got something in your stash your'e itching to use up. 18 st w/ #8. The thing is, you can't just substitute an eyelash yarn for a chainette construction or a ribbon yarn for a single-ply and expect the garment to look and act like the picture on the pattern. 16 st w/ #7. All rights reserved. Available in-store and online. Lion Brand Chenille Sensations. My first stop when considering a specific yarn substitution is to look at projects on ravelry that have been knit up in the yarn that have some similarities to the project I’m trying to do. This worsted weight, nylon yarn has a super-soft suede finish that’s perfect for accessories and garments.Get the Berroco 383 Suede printed pattern book FREE when you buy 6 balls of Berroco Suede. In some ways, this chainette yarn has similarities to Lion Brand Scarfie yarn. The gauge of your pattern determines which weight of yarn you should select. This yarn is less dense. Let's look at some of our top-provided options. Looking at the design, the need for drapey is high - otherwise it would be pretty stiff and boxy, the fuzz factor is less evident. ), but the second most frequently asked question is do you think X pattern will work in Y yarn? Lion Brand Yarn Hometown Usa Madison Mustard 135-159 Classic Bulky Yarn. Yarn reviews for popular brands like Red Heart, Knit Picks, Lion Brand, KnitCrate, & more. September 9, 2016-1 comments. DK 50% Cotton, 50% Rayon from Bamboo 232 yards / 100 grams 1836 projects. The best way to figure out if a yarn substitution will work is to swatch it out and give it a try. We are passionate about helping people enjoy the pleasures of working with yarn. There's a lot of options, but most of them aren't as open as Cormac, but Amy Miller's Stonecutter Sweater has a good number of similarities (there's nothing new under the sun, right?). While working with Scarfie, you’ll see a unique self-striping ombré effect emerge, with gradual shading from one color to the next. November 11, 2017-10 comments. So to replace it, we're looking for a drapey DK weight yarn. Looking pretty good here. Brand. The linen could help make it an even more transitional piece. Some other yarn review posts you may be interested in: Read the Lion Brand Truboo review here.. Read the Lion Brand Chainette review here.. Read the Lion Brand Beautiful You review here.. Read the Lion brand Merino Camel review here.. Read the Brooklyn Tweed Peerie review here.. Read the WeCrochet Hawthorne fingering review here.. Read the WeCrochet Palette review here. wide range of bright colors versatile multicolors . The texture of this yarn is also plied (3 or more plies). Customer Service 1-800-258-YARN (9276) 8am to 4pm EST (Mon - Fri) Classic Elite's Soft Linen - 35% Linen, 35% Wool, 30% Alpaca. So it's mostly alpaca, which is fairly drapey and has a bit of a halo/fuzz factor. There's a good chance that the sample itself was done in a substitute yarn. Domenic Duck KAL - Joining in the Round, KFBs, and Building a Base. 80% synthetic, 20% mohair . As a special bonus, you'll also be entered into a giveaway filled with great knitting products thanks to our sponsors: @universal_yarn, @greenmtnspinnery, and @cloverusa. Be sure you are satisfied with the fabric that results; it should be neither too stiff nor too loose. This is going to be the closest to the Maai, without being Maai. Berroco's Fiora - 40% Cotton, 30% Rayon, 15% Alpaca, 5% Wool. With its dedication to craftsmanship and design, Frye’s enduring vision remains true to its heritage and vintage American roots, while constantly designing new and modern products. Every Friday I’m gonna share with you one new yarn that I’m absolutely loving, including allllll the info – the yarn specs, what I would make with it, what I’d use it for, why it’s great for certain types of projects, and what patterns I’ve found that use this yarn including my own patterns and patterns from others! Step #1 - Look at the suggested yarn page on Ravelry (or on the manufacturers site). To start off I'm going to looks for the following criteria - Not discontinued, dk weight, contains alpaca and wool. The ombré pattern is a sophisticated and tonal blend of solid and heathered hues. An old favorite has returned! But some of that was because the submission call specifically called for using chainette-style yarn, and there's not a huge number of those on the market, and I specifically did buy yarn for swatching. would be a dream to knit for scarves, hats, garments and homeware. by Lion Brand. Choose from a variety of widely popular yarn lines, including Vanna's Choice. stashed 1939 times. Chainette Yarns have a chained ply that provides a hollow core. LION BRAND DIYarn (94% match) $ $ $ $ $ A good match. But wait, there's more! I'm not an editor, so I don't know how the final yarns are chosen, but I imagine it's a combination of trying to have variety,  relationships with yarn companies, desired color stories, etc. Maybe you're allergic to alpaca or the suggested yarn is too expensive, or you want something more attuned to your climate, or it doesn't come in a color you like - there are dozens of reasons to choose a substitute yarn and hundreds of choices to sub. About 50%+ of the time I do editorial designs (for magazines, books, etc.) Sometimes, I'm attached to the yarn I send the design swatch in on, sometimes I'm not, but if it's for editorial purposes, it's best not to get attached because it's likely that its going to change. 100% acrylic. I've had a few message in my inbox regarding more summer-specific yarn subs for this project, specifically: Berroco Weekend DK, and Shibui Linen. The Lion Brand company was founded in New York City in 1878 and has been family owned and operated for 5 generations. This yarn comes in a 198 yard ball which means one ball of yarn will crochet any size hat with this pattern. For a list of Lion Brand yarns by weight, click here. They will work up into stylish pieces for you, bonnets for babies, or blankets and throws for the home. The original Stonecutter was knit in Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo, so that could be a good choice too. For more tips on yarn substitution, check out our blog post here. Dec 30, 2018 - Dans cette vidéo, nous vous montrons comment broder le point de chainette. 10 st w/ #11. Lion Brand Boucle. Could work, be a solid choice for a more summery version, but keep in mind that that is a high percentage of cotton, which is heavier than most other fibers. Lion Brand® Yarn Company is a fifth generation, family-owned business. While I specifically designed the Cormac Sweater with Shibui Maai in mind, and tried to take advantage of the specific qualities of that yarn,  it doesn't mean you have to use it! Lion Brand Imagine. Size I crochet hook – I love these Odyssey hooks from Furls Crochet! It's also rustic and tweedy, which is a bit style shift. 1-800-258-YARN (9276) Unfortunately, there is a lot more to yarn gauge than is typically given in a pattern that has a great deal to do with how the yarn is actually constructed - woolen or worsted spun, number of plies, how the yarn is plied (such as chainette or standard ply), so substituting a yarn for the one given in a pattern might or might not be successful. For now, I'm going to assume you generally want your finished sweater to look more or less like the sample (we'll talk more drastic changes later). Lion Brand Yarn & Wool. the yarn I submitted my design swatches in is not the yarn that's used in the final design. What if you look at Cormac and think - forget fall, that'd be better as an awesome beach pullover for the summer? They are known for high quality yarn that makes a beautiful knit or crochet fabric. That's 80% drape, so super drapey. Again heavy on the wool. So you might want a firmer fiber like a bit of wool or hemp or cotton in there to help the sweater holds it's shape a little. The great thing about knitting is you can make it your own and you have hundreds of options to choose from that will work. 40 grams. Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed - 63% Wool, 27% Alpaca, 7% Acrylic, 3% Other. Be sure to swatch and check your gauge carefully, using whatever size hook or needle is needed to obtain the gauge of the pattern. 135 Kero Road The pattern calls for size 8 needles, which is fairly big for DK, and the pattern is open, so that'll provide some drape there too. Biggest online yarn store. Chainette Aire Yarn - Patons Brushed Ombre - Patons Yarn Gembrook - Patons Ethereal - Patons Sugar Baby - Panda Soft Cotton Chunky - Panda Super Quick - Patons Merino Max - Cleckheaton Velvet Nourish - Cleckheaton Yarn by Brand Patons Yarns Big Baby 3ply Big Baby 4ply Dreamtime 4ply Patonyle 4ply Bluebell 5 ply Big Baby 8 ply Sewrella’s Back To School Series! The front and … Lion Brand Yarn is a popular yarn manufacturer that is known for their quality and innovative yarn. I find that chained yarns also work well (Lion Brand Chainette or Rico Luxury Alapca Superfine). Drops Lima - 65% wool/35% alpaca - this could work, but it's a little heavy on the wool side. This is a beginner-friendly hairpin lace top. (A: Everyone is different, and I generally prefer densely knitted fabric? 4 Seasons (16) Lionbrand (14) Moda Vera (14) Bella Baby (8) DMC (6) Abbey Road (5) Caron (4) Milford (3) Spotlight (3) Anette Eriksson (2) Mondial (2) Value Ball (2) Bergere De France (1) Cleckheaton (1) Fibra Natura (1) Heirloom (1) Himalaya (1) Uni-Trim (1) Size. 179 yds. This increases the weight of the yarn without increasing the heft of the fabric knit or crocheted with it. © Copyright Leah B. Thibault 2007-2020. We've got 203 matches there alone. Search our fantastic selection of knitting yarn at Lincraft to find what you need. The gauge is an exact match, but you should always swatch. A list of the most popular yarns from Lion Brand and links to workable alternatives. 87 yds. August 8, 2016-0 comments. Domenic Duck KAL - Afterthought Prep, Pick Up and Finishing! So if you are looking for a wool-free substitute, any of the yarns I talk about in this article would make a … 70 grams. Many of you may remember Berroco Suede from many years ago, and it's back. This includes a breakdown of UK, USA and Australian terminology. 50 yds. Here's where the Ravelry database is going to be a huge help. August 8, 2016 … Oct 21, 2020 - These are my favorite yarns for knitting & crochet! But there's the springy factor too. I used a newer yarn from Lion Brand called “Low Tide”. Lion Brand yarns are the ultimate in versatility. Stonecutter has been around for a while, and over 100 people have knit it and if you click the little "yarn ideas" tab, it'll show the most popularly used yarn subs and you have another 2 pages of yarn to choose from (back to the scrolling through little photos of yarn, sorry). Something like the 70/30 blend of the original or up to a 50/50 mix of drapey/firm. For information about yarn weight, see our handy yarn conversion chart. 57 yds. Cormac is a bit of an oddity in that the sample in the magazine was knit in the exact yarn I submitted with in the exact color I used. If you need to substitute yarns, and would still like to use a chainette yarn Lion Brand makes the Feels Like Butta yarn.
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