17 Designed with working engineers in mind, the online master's programs in engineering at the Case School of Engineering … While in 1990, roughly one in eight US residents had a college degree, by 2015, that’s expected to be one in three and the numbers are expected to continue falling. The specific area of engineering you choose dictates your entire course of study, so researching the fields, their prospective career options and subject material in order to determine which one you’re most interested in is crucial. Automotive engineering, a division of mechanical engineering, was not individually reported on by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, however they reported the median annual income for a mechanical engineer to be $80,580. Some of the fields an undergraduate engineering student can choose from are: If you’re interested in attending some of the top nationally ranked programs in the United States, you can check out Stanford University of California’s School of Engineering and the coveted Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Engineers do more than just math and science – they build the future through invention, discovery and exploration! Electrical engineering focuses on areas involving electricity, computers, and electronics, and careers in the field are available in power, control systems, telecommunications, signal processing, quality control and computer applications. These habits can sometimes increase the chances of getting a positive response from employers. This can include everything from the construction of roads, bridges and airports to tunnels, dams and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. Buildings must be constructed to withstand environmental hazards, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, as effectively as possible. National average salary: $104,682 per year. These professionals research and develop new manufacturing processes for chemical production, byproduct treatment and manufacturing operations. Emerging along with computer and software engineering is data engineering. Learn about the training, job duties and requirements to see if this is the right career for you. Unlike some other MOS placements (military occupational specialties), if considering an engineering career in the military candidates must meet certain educational requirements before seeking consideration as a member in the United States Army Engineering Corps. Our full list of types of engineering degrees is a great starting point in figuring how which area you want to study. The reason behind this is that engineering is such an in-depth field that it requires highly qualified professionals, ones who are both academically cultured and occupationally trained. This is especially true in the modern work environment where employers are moving towards collaborative teams rather than hiring employees. To land one of these highest paying engineering jobs, you will need the right experience and credentials. There are many engineering careers that you can explore if you’re interested in this area. Mechanical engineering may be the broadest of all engineering disciplines. $77,000 per year. 1. You’ll most frequently come across civil engineering and industrial engineering mentioned when discussing potential engineering majors, but computer science, environmental engineering and medical engineering are also options you can pursue. Engineers of various types were likely involved in the home you live in, the building you work at, the bridges you drive over and the products that you buy. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. Popular Careers in Engineering. Civilian employees typically stay with one hiring entity that continuously embarks on various projects. These professionals are also responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting existing systems, assessing them for flaws and developing the appropriate patches or upgrades to keep the company running smoothly. In most cases, a four-year bachelor’s degree is the only educational requirement to procure employment. Related to both of these factors is the overall workload for an engineering degree. Sometimes data science … The company has an entire section on their careers site dedicated to those interested in working in engineering and design. Have you heard about a specific job, but not entirely sure what a person does in that position? With an engineering background, you might work with aircraft, watercraft, road design, software programs … Inability to handle the course load in calculus, statistics or linear algebra is the leading academic cause listed. Civil Engineers Design, … In a lot of ways, college is the new high school. Railroad engineering specialities include systems … They design and develop equipment, systems and software for the healthcare industry. Google has an audience that services millions worldwide, and the company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down or going out of style; their second quarter income results for 2015 showed a staggering $17.7 billion and revenue growth of 11 percent. There are more than 20 different types of engineers, and many of the main engineering fields contain sub-specialties within them. Engineering careers offer the opportunity for creative thinking, innovative experimentation and intriguing design and development. Job Duties Take as many math classes as you can; mathematics is the barrier to success for most first-year engineering students. Primary duties: Chemical engineers typically work with pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals or food processing. Biomedical Engineer. They must architect plans and prototypes, construct and test their concepts and oversee the manufacturing process for the prototypes they create that prove functional. The acquisition of an Associate of Science degree generally takes two years to complete, though it’s important to note that when it comes to engineering, an Associate of Science degree is usually the foundation for students that intend to pursue a Bachelor of Science in some field of engineering. The second tip is to spend your first two semesters taking a lighter load of classes. The specific requirements will vary depending on your major and the particular institution’s curriculum. Google is an international company that has become a household name over the past decade. It is a vast field that has applications in nearly every industry, from manufacturing and production to shipping and construction. Females are also leaving Engineering as a career post study, due to perceived inequality in pay and promotions. With science degrees like engineering, students who intend to reach the highest level of education on the form of a master’s or PhD isn’t uncommon. In Australia, however, the master’s programs are composed of two to three years of study followed by an end-of-the-year thesis. Related engineering fields include civil, mineral, mining, and petroleum. Just click on the … Engineering careers offer the opportunity for creative thinking, innovative experimentation and intriguing design and development. Nevertheless, an associate’s degree in engineering can be earned from a variety of institutions, though the careers that students generally envision themselves in post-graduation require a bachelor’s for entry-level positions. Air conditioning (AC) engineers require some formal education. Follow these five guidelines to narrow in on the best. They train clinicians on the proper use of such technology, prepare research papers and technical reports and report their findings to colleagues, scientists, clinicians, management and the public. It’s more difficult to acquire an engineering degree in four years, even for straight-A students. If you’re interested in problem solving, experimentation and machine development, a career in engineering may suit you. Civil engineers work for the government, shaping the towns and cities we live in and designing... Industrial Engineer Career. Chemical engineers are typically employed in the areas of manufacturing, research, design, and development. National average salary: $76,018 per year. Note that the current average job growth rate is 5%. However, it may be relevant to know that the projected job growth is substantially lower than the national average (5 percent projected growth versus the median 11 percent). For a straight-A student, failing an exam, or failing a class and having to take it a second time can be a crushing blow to their academic self-confidence, and cause them to re-think their major. Enlisted members must meet specific score requirements on the armed services vocational battery: ASVAB exam for engineering corps. The chart below contains more than a dozen types of engineering jobs, their median salaries, and their projected employment growth rates through the year 2028. For many students, an engineering degree means sacrificing social activity and bonding with peers. This includes submarines, tankers, aircraft carriers and sailboats. Below are 14 common types of engineering careers you might consider: National average salary: $73,602 per year. One of the best engineering jobs for tech-oriented professionals, computer hardware engineers design, develop, test, and refine computer components and systems. Agricultural Engineer. In fact, according to a recent Forbes article, 6 out of the top 10 best-paying careers were within or related to an engineering field. Their 2015 first quarter report alone showed $18 billion, so if you’re looking for one of the world’s technology engineering leaders, add them to the list. They typically focus on either operating systems or computer programs and applications. Salary The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists almost a dozen types of civilian engineering specialties. AC Engineer: Career Profile. This type of engineering is for you if: You’re interested in an engineering career related to computers – for example as a software developer or computer engineer. This includes factoring in an extra 12 months of financial commitment. They are responsible for finding the most profitable and safest way to recover oil and gas. They may focus on air pollution, wastewater management, soil quality, water-borne diseases, environmental remediation, ozone depletion or other targeted areas. Careers in Mechanical Engineering Due to the technical expertise, hands-on problem solving skills and knowledge you’ll have in areas such as machine design, control systems, instrumentation, and mechanics, you’ll have a wide variety of employment options within the broad field of mechanical engineering. Responsibilities include analyzing soil tests, determining the most effective building materials, preparing cost estimates, submitting permit applications and ensuring compliance with all regulations. It may focus on developing instrumentation that measures electricity, improving systems that generate electricity or streamlining the installations that transmit and utilize power. They strive to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in these systems. The skills of a mechanical engineer are needed in many industries and on many types of projects, from vehicle manufacturing to nanotechnology. They regularly assess the performance of existing software systems and recommend updates, enhancements or new installations based on the company’s needs. They’re enlisted with the task of designing, constructing, supervising, operating and maintaining various projects throughout cities. Working with professionals from other occupational fields, such as marketing and legal. Their careers page provides everything you’ll need to know about becoming a part of the Apple corporate team, and they even have student programs for students looking to gain experience and prepare for their futures. With an engineering background, you might work with aircraft, watercraft, road design, software programs and more. The first thing a student interested in an engineering degree program should do is focus heavily on mathematics and preparing for the degree. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular career paths in engineering. They also offer their own certification program, which could leave you with the ability to call yourself a Microsoft Certified System Engineer on job resumes. Engineer Careers List. Generally upon graduation, engineering is one of the best areas of study to gain employment that also has some of the highest salaries in the U.S. Salary The knowledge and skills you can gain by studying industrial engineering at the university level can be applied to a variety of careers that are highly relevant to the field, including: • Acoustical Engineer • Agricultural Engineer • Business Analyst • Chemical Engineer • Consumer Advocate • Cost Estimator • Distribution Planning Engineer • Drafting Technician • Energy Auditor • Energy Efficiency Engineer • Entrepreneur • Ergonomist • Facilities Engineer • Food Process Engineer • Furniture Designer • Heati… They may experiment with new techniques for accessing new oil wells or better utilizing existing ones. The United Kingdom’s program structure consists of an additional four years of study to become chartered engineers. Once you know exactly what aspect of engineering you wish to study and the ideal career you’d like to have, you’ll be able to investigate the levels of degrees offered at institutions and make a decision that will help you advance toward your goal. Primary duties: Civil engineers typically work for the government, designing and developing cities or towns. Their job responsibilities include designing effective tools, improving mechanical technologies, drafting blueprints, constructing prototypes, testing theories and proving functional ways to use products and procedures. A Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering or related field is required for entry-level positions. Industrial engineers work full-time, and can work both in an office as well as in the industries they’re trying to improve. Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering, MS in Computer Science - Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University of California’s School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), A Master of Science in Engineering can be acquired in two forms, American Society for Engineering Education Member Resources (ASEE), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Society of Professional Engineers Career Center (NSPE). For an engineering degree, assume that you’re going to be in for the long haul and doing this on a five year or six year plan, and plan accordingly. Those with knowledge of manufacturing engineering … Personnel work independently or within a larger group setting, depending on the situation. In America, a master’s degree in engineering is a professional degree that takes three years to complete after a student has earned their bachelor’s. Primary duties: Biomedical engineers work with biological and medical sciences. Interested parties should also remember that military placement is more about need than personal desires. Nationally speaking, there are a number of institutions critically acclaimed for their graduate programs in engineering. Civil engineers work for the government, shaping the towns and cities we live in and designing innovative systems to keep them running efficiently. A Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or one of its many branches will prepare you for an entry-level position. Salary Mechanical Engineering Career. A Bachelor’s of Science in Automotive Engineering and Technology would be the best qualification for entry-level applicants. Job responsibilities focus on project development. One of the most enticing aspects of a career in engineering is that it is a career in demand all over the world. Enlisted engineering positions do exist, but current service members found that a degree almost guaranteed placement within the Engineering Corps. A Master of Science in Engineering can be acquired in two forms: an academic degree or a professional degree that underscores important skills and casts a strong emphasis on theory and research. These engineers often focus on a particular part of the construction, such as electrical systems, structural engineering or software solutions. Costs can exceed $100,000 if living on campus. Overall, engineering drop out rates are slightly higher than other degree programs, but the drop-out rate tends to be front loaded. If you’re interested in a career in engineering, you’ll find that there are many specialties to explore. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median annual salary for a civil engineer to be $79,340 as of May 2012. Engineering is the discipline and profession that applies scientific theories, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to design, create, and analyze technological solutions cognizant of safety, human factors, physical laws, regulations, practicality, and cost. Microsoft has been a leading innovator of engineering and technological design for decades, and becoming a part of the team now would mean joining a global corporation with offices in the United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and more. They might work with electrical generation systems, wiring, lighting and circuitry. Indeed.com lists the average salary of a military engineer to be approx. Explore below to find information on the various careers listed. Materials engineers study these materials to determine their electrical, mechanical or chemical properties and assess their usefulness in different applications. Engineers are the innovators and inventors of our past, present and future. Mechanical engineers design, build and develop mechanical and thermal sensing devices, such as engines, tools and machines.
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