Make sure the setting Headset mic is set to on. Previously the Playstation 4 has had no way for users to adjust the Microphone’s volume when using either the provided Mic / Headphone set or a third party one. Trouble with my PDP Afterglow 5.1 wireless headset. (because it's probably in the wrong place if you're having this problem) 3. darkninja8799. 2. unplug your usb and audio jack hybrid. If your mic can be detected on the Adjust Microphone Level screen, then the headset and mic are working with the PS4 properly. Why isnt my mic working? If I was to get an adapter for the xbox chat cable to like a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter and hook it up to the PC would that work? I got the Afterglow AGU.1 headset today for Christmas and when I went to plug it in I noticed there was no mic cable, only an audio cable and USB. If it helps, when it is plugged in, there is no icon for them as headphones and shows up as speakers I recently got a new afterglow AG9 headset, and it was working fine until just recently. I have also tried different kinds of headsets. 4 years ago thanks for the reply. and was changed to just Microphone (this was yesterday) yet NOW it says "Microphone 2-USB audio device" I look forward to your reply for further assistance. after I upgraded to windows 10, it was working fine till now, where it will no longer produce audio. If your mic was not detected on the Adjust Microphone Level screen, continue to Method 4. I also had the same issue, and sometimes it appears again. Prismatic Afterglow Controller Headphone Jack Issue (Xbox One). When i get there what use to say "Afterglow headset etc." and had a picture of the blue glowing headphones. My microphone on my Afterglow wired headset won't work. DESKTOP SOLUTION: 1. I can hear my own voice coming through the speakers, so I think the mic attachment itself is fine. Yes I have played with the chat/game slider on the side of the headset. Please help me as it is getting annoying. 6) Click Adjust Microphone Level, then follow the wizard to calibrate your microphone. after I upgraded to windows 10, it was working fine till now, where it will no longer produce audio. When it comes to the after glow headset, and possibly other headsets, I solved my issue of not having audio with this game, and not having surround sound in other games. First off, you will need to install the 1.70 software, which you can see a guide too, here: PS4 System Software Update 1.7 – … Now, the headset seems to connect to the adapter just fine and I can hear all the game audio and other people talking, but no one can hear me. Step One- Check default mic settings However, if the mic in the PS4 headset works fine on another computer, proceed to troubleshooting steps given below. - afterglow lvl 1 mic not working - The audio comes out of them perfectly fine, but the microphone won't work no matter what I do. Microsoft global customer service number. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. (PS4) So when i plug my mic all the way in (Yes, all the way, i heard the click) the Input device and adjust mic level grey out. Afterglow Level 1 headset (PS4), making mic work … There is a simple way to check mic: Plug the PS4 headset with mic to another computer and check whether it works as intended. I use an afterglow prismatic and i can hear my friends but they cant hear me, so its not the auxiliary cord thats the problem. Heres my problelm: When I plug the wire into my controlled from the headset, I can hear game volume but not any chat volume. was changed to "PDP audio device etc." My mic's not muted, too. If the mic does not work as intended, you need to get a new mic boom. when i plug it into the mic port i can hear but, i cant use the mic is my problem im fine with not hearing out of it as long as the mic works. AfterGlow wireless headset not working Hello, I have a Afterglow headset, and it has stopped working. Method 4: Check the audio settings on your PC Turn off your computer. The audio comes out of them perfectly fine, but the microphone won't work no matter what I do.

afterglow lvl 1 ps4 mic not working

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