This post was provided courtesy of Lukas and […] All Rights Reserved. One of the most interesting new directions is to create automated ‘adversaries’ that attempt to break the machine learning system. I mentioned traffic management and pollution mapping. For example, experiments on the effectiveness of new drugs may be performed only on men. For example, there is a compromise between traffic speed and the car accident death rate. Instead, they will need to be taught, like aliens or like Commander Data in Star Trek, to predict and understand human emotions. In the end, you stop investigating and just consume what is fed to you. We don’t know yet whether strong AI can be invented. Machine learning methods can also contribute to the development of ‘Smart Cities’. Machine learning is the holy grail of analytics, but getting it in place includes some serious challenges. So I recommend all students in university to study mathematics. There are two different popular notions of the ‘singularity’. Hence, a very active topic in machine learning research is to develop methods for making machine learning systems more interpretable (e.g. For more details, see “ How machine learning works, simplified .” We teach machines to solve concrete problems, so the resulting mathematical model — what we call a “learning” algorithm — can’t suddenly develop a hankering to enslave (or save) humanity. According to expert surveys, we’ll have to wait another 45 years. Related to the second limitation discussed previously, there is purported to be a “crisis of machine learning in academic research” whereby people blindly use machine learning to try and analyze systems that are either deterministic or stochastic in nature. NSR: What suggestions will you give young researchers entering this field? No matter what you use machine learning for, chances are you have encountered a modeling or overfitting concern along the way. Machine Learning can review large volumes of data and discover specific trends and patterns that would not be apparent to humans. In many problems, the computer can compute the reward itself, and this allows the computer to learn by trial and error rather than from a teacher's examples. It’s also interesting that we don’t even notice how we get manipulated by algorithms. the atmosphere), web search, memory, arithmetic, certain forms of theorem proving, and so on. Virtually all of the recent advances have been in so-called ‘supervised learning’. Even in situations that don’t appear to involve anything complicated, a machine can easily be tricked using methods unknown to a layperson. For example, machine learning methods are applied to analyse the immense amount of data collected by the Large Hadron Collider, and machine learning techniques are. Machine learning lets us handle practical tasks without obvious programming; it learns from examples. ML is one of the most exciting technologies that one would have ever come across. critical to analysing astronomical data. For example, a crime-prevention program in California suggested that police should send more officers to African-American neighborhoods based on the crime rate — the number of recorded crimes. The results of algorithm learning depend largely on reference data, which form the basis of learning. For instance, for an e-commerce website like Amazon, it serves to understand the browsing behaviors and purchase histories of its users to help cater to the right products, deals, and reminders relevant to them. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Feedback loops are even worse than false correlations. The limits we encounter are probably dictated by many factors including the size and computing power of our brains, the durations of our lives, and the fact that each one of us must learn on our own (rather than like parallel and distributed computers). It’s still unclear when strong AI will be developed, but weak AI is already here, working hard in many areas. Automatic driving systems will become an ethical imperative, if they cause fewer accidents than human drivers. Machine Learning Challenges. I hope that the ongoing improvements in language translation will help lower the language barrier. Add minor noise to the panda on the left and you might get a gibbon. Finally, it is important to cultivate your skills in programming and in communication. Universities also lack access to big data sets and to special computers. Overcoming the challenges of machine learning at scale As AI/ML technologies gain traction, organizations may struggle to move from POC to full-scale production Could you comment on the ‘singularity theory’ and the arguments about the risks of advanced AI? They were designed to make it easy to move files from one computer to another and to log in to remote computers from local computers. And as observes , machine learning is one of the highest in-demand skills in today’s technology job market. But in women, the effectiveness might be completely different. Much like the HAL 9000 in ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’, computers could ‘take over the world’ because we gave them autonomous control of important systems and then there was a programming error or a machine learning failure. For example, there is an Automated Scientist developed by Ross King that designs, executes and analyses its own experiments. Machine learning engineers face the opposite. Machine learning techniques can help scientists decide which data points to collect by helping design experiments. counseling, coaching, management, customer service) are least likely to be satisfactorily automated. Sometimes society itself has no interest in an algorithm becoming a moral paragon. Similar problems arise in mapping the spread of new diseases, of air pollution and of traffic. It is hard to predict what these jobs will be. For example, opinions on such issues as LGBT rights and interracial or intercaste marriage can change significantly within a generation. For example, did you know that margarine consumption in the US correlates strongly on the divorce rate in Maine? You must learn how to tell a compelling story about your research that brings out the key ideas and places them in context. We seek machine learning algorithms that work well even when their assumptions are violated. That action gradually erases the line between clean and harmful files, degrading the model and perhaps eventually triggering a false positive. William G. Wong. This strikes me as the same error that was exposed by Copernicus and by Darwin. I believe the reason for this is that we formulate the problem as a problem of function optimization, and once you have found the optimal value of that function, further optimization cannot improve it, by definition. Microsoft once taught a chatbot to communicate on Twitter by letting anyone chat with it. Unlike people, they will not be able to ‘put themselves into a person's shoes’ in order to understand and empathize with humans. This is a very open ended question and you may expect to hear all sort of answers depending upon who is writing it; ML researcher, ML enthusiast, ML newbie, Data Scientist, Programmer, Statistician or ML Theorist. More than 1,000 well-known scientists in the fields of AI, ethics, and IT wrote an open letter to Google, asking the company to abandon the project and support an international agreement that would ban autonomous weapons. where a ‘teacher’ tells the computer the right answer for each training example. There are also interesting ways to combine deep learning with standard AI techniques. The most exciting recent development is the wave of research on deep learning methods. In a company, data might be collected from current customers, but these data might not be useful for predicting how new customers will behave, because the new customers might be different in some important way (younger, more internet-savvy, etc.). Machine learning is also valuable for web search engines, recommendation systems and personalized advertising. and the outputs (e.g. As you can imagine, there was a scandal and Google promised to fix the algorithm. Machine learning (ML) is present in many aspects of our lives, to the point that is difficult to get through a day without having contact with it. For example, a group of researchers figured out how to trick a facial-recognition algorithm using special glasses that would introduce minimal distortions into the image and thus completely alter the result. In traditional software engineering, we talk with the users, formulate the requirements and then design, implement and test algorithms for achieving those requirements. For example, machine learning can help predict customer demand and optimize supply chains. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) aren’t something out of sci-fi movies anymore, it’s very much a reality. A true mathematical singularity would be the point at which technology improves infinitely quickly. The biggest assumption in machine learning is that the training data are assumed to be independently distributed and to be a representative example of the future input to the system. Once a company has the data, security is a very prominent aspect that needs to be take… machine learning challenges Modeling with machine learning is a challenging but valuable skill for anyone working with data. A machine learning system might then learn that the drugs are only effective for people older in 35 years. A complete guide to security and privacy settings for your account. The main effect is that universities can’t train as many students in AI and machine learning as they could in the past, because they lack the professors to teach and guide research. With machine learning, we still formulate the overall goal of the software system, but instead of designing our own algorithms, we collect training examples (usually, by having people label data points) and then apply a machine learning algorithm to automatically learn the desired function. There is work in developing ‘anomaly detection’ algorithms that can learn from such data without the need of a teacher. Wearing glasses with specially colored rims, researchers tricked a facial recognition algorithm into thinking they were someone else. In contrast, people are naturally able to do these things, because we all know ‘what it feels like’ to be human. by providing explanations or translating their results into easy-to-understand forms). As I mentioned above, the machine learning technology of today is not sufficiently reliable or robust to be entrusted with such dangerous decisions. We have discovered that deep learning can learn the right features, and that it does this much better than we were able to hand-code those features. And what can be done to change the answer? Good in an article in 1965—is that at some point AI technology will cross a threshold where it will be able to improve itself recursively and then it will very rapidly improve and become exponentially smarter than people. First, we need to differentiate between two concepts: strong and weak AI. So I believe Kurzweil is correct that we cannot see very far into this exponentially-changing future. My second suggestion is to read the literature as much as possible. How has machine learning already surprised us? Deep learning is one particular method for machine learning. Partner with our data scientists To solve your machine learning challenges. Seriously! For permissions, please e-mail: This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, Regulating off-centering distortion maximizes photoluminescence in halide perovskites, More is different: how aggregation turns on the light, A high-capacity cathode for rechargeable K-metal battery based on reversible superoxide-peroxide conversion,, Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic, Copyright © 2020 China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. (Science Press). A feedback loop is a situation where an algorithm’s decisions affect reality, which in turn convinces the algorithm that its conclusion is correct. One of the most exciting things about the role of the machine learning engineer is that it’s a job that’s still being defined, and still faces so many open problems. How difficult is it to trick a machine? The above-described challenges always come when you build a learning … Can you trick a machine, and if so, how difficult is it? Several researchers are exploring ways of making machine learning systems more robust to failures of this assumption. That really means “someday.” For example, experts also say fusion power will be commercialized in 40 years — which is exactly what they said 50 years ago. Second, it is very suspicious that the arguments about superintelligence set the threshold to match human intelligence. We could program autonomous cars to drive no faster than 15 mph, which would almost guarantee to bring the number of road fatalities to zero but negate other benefits of using a car. Don’t forget that ideas in other branches of knowledge (e.g. I think it is similarly very difficult today to predict what the jobs of the future will be. water supply, electricity, internet). I think the biggest obstacle to having higher impact is communication. This is why Kaspersky Lab has a multilayered security model and does not rely exclusively on machine learning. This suggests that the metaphor of intelligence as rungs on a ladder, which is the basis of the argument on recursive self-improvement, is the wrong metaphor. An important goal of machine learning work is to make machine learning techniques usable by people with little or no formal training in machine learning. Real people — antivirus experts — always monitor what the machine is doing. He also provides best practices on how to address these challenges. However, such systems have never been able to improve themselves beyond one iteration. I think about what happened when the internet was developed. The second major research problem for machine learning is the problem of verification, validation and trust. Far from it. What are the effects of this? Many companies face the challenge of educating customers on the possible applications of their innovative technology. One aspect of many human jobs that I believe will be very difficult to automate is empathy. There is a second notion of ‘singularity’ that refers to the rise of so-called superintelligence. Let’s take a look. Dietterich: Machine learning provides a new method for creating high-performance software. Dietterich: My first suggestion is that students learn as much mathematics as possible. But machine learning techniques can also be applied to identify where new infrastructure is needed (e.g. An algorithm can put together a national budget with the goal of “maximizing GDP/labor productivity/life expectancy,” but without ethical limitations programmed into the model, it might eliminate budgets for schools, hospices, and the environment, because they don’t directly increase the GDP. Jul 31, 2019. So in problems where there is a big gap between the inputs (e.g. Machine learning is the driving force of the hot artificial intelligence (AI) wave. The global machine learning market is expected to grow from US$1.03 billion in 2016 to US$8.81 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 44.1%. Amid testing, fiddling, and a lot of internal R&D-type activities, we tried to pull some threads of continuity through the processes our team was iteratively enacting in pursuit of data science. There is also research on automated methods for verification and validation of black box systems. There is a famous law in economics due to Herbert Stein: ‘If something can’t go on forever, it won’t.’ This is true for Moore's Law, and it is true for all AI technologies. That means machine learning engineers get the thrill of working in a constantly changing field that deals with cutting-edge problems. While we took many decades to get here, recent heavy investment within this space has significantly accelerated development. With the exception of work on big data and deep learning, all other forms of machine learning (and all of the challenges that I listed above) are easy to study in university laboratories. Now these are available almost everywhere. So jobs that involve empathy (e.g. The data may turn out to be bad and distorted, however, by accident or through someone’s malicious intent (in the latter case, it’s usually called “poisoning”). Of course, real people, relying on their personal experience and human intelligence, will instantly recognize that any direct connection between the two is extremely unlikely. Moore's Law for example is not a single process, but actually a staircase of improvements where each ‘step’ involved a different breakthrough. If the data used as a training sample for a hiring algorithm has been obtained from a company with racist hiring practices, the algorithm will also be racist. As a result, 12 Google employees resigned in protest and 4,000 more signed a petition requesting the company abandon the contract with the military. Let me discuss the causes and the effects of this. I am Chief Scientist of a company called BigML that has developed cloud-based machine learning services that are extremely easy to use. A smart terrorist will be able to put an object of a certain shape next to a gun and thus make the gun invisible. Deep learning allows us to feed the raw image (the pixels) to the learning algorithm without first defining and extracting features. For example, the Google Photo app used to recognize and tag black people as gorillas. Dietterich: Like all new technologies, machine learning is definitely going to change the job market. Seven safety and security rules to keep in mind when buying games and in-game items. Zhi-Hua Zhou is a professor at Nanjing University in China, Zhi-Hua Zhou, Machine learning challenges and impact: an interview with Thomas Dietterich, National Science Review, Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 54–58, Don’t just read the deep learning papers, but study the theory of machine learning, AI and algorithms. This new methodology allows us to create software for many problems that we were not able to solve using previous software engineering methods. Machine-learning systems — just one example of AI that affects people directly — recommend new movies to you based on your ratings of other films and after comparing your preferences with those of other users. These can often discover inputs that cause the learned program to fail. So it is important to keep these flaws and possible problems in mind, try to anticipate all possible issues at the development stage, and remember to monitor algorithms’ performance in the event something goes awry. Sports, games, music and the arts may also become much more popular. Access our best apps, features and technologies under just one account. But the result of machine learning is a ‘black box’ system that accepts inputs and produces outputs but is difficult to inspect. The future will probably be awesome, but at present, artificial intelligence (AI) poses some questions, and most often they have to do with morality and ethics. A related area of research is ‘robust machine learning’. Some medical algorithms might recommend expensive treatments over the treatments with the best patient outcomes, for example. Amazon’s same-day delivery service is often unavailable in African-American neighborhoods. Dietterich: Yes, there has been a substantial ‘brain drain’ as professors move to companies. Computers are already more intelligent than people on a wide range of tasks including job shop scheduling, route planning, control of aircraft, simulation of complex systems (e.g. A mathematical model at a computer virus analysis lab processes an average of 1 million files per day, both clean and harmful. And will it all end up with Skynet and rise of the machines? Third, companies can also afford to purchase or develop special computers for deep learning such as GPU computers or Google's Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). NSR: Could you comment on the strength and weakness of deep learning? This will be particularly true if human customers place a value on ‘authentic human interaction’ rather than accepting an interaction with a robot or automated system. LAP: Looking at People. In fact, their death rates were so low because they always received urgent help at medical facilities because of the high risks inherent to their condition. Other countries may view this issue differently, and the decision may depend on the situation. The claim that Kurzweil's view of the singularity is the right one does not mean that AI technology is inherently safe and that we have nothing to worry about. But with recent advances in machine learning, we now have systems that can perform these tasks with accuracy that matches human performance (more or less). That human thereby becomes much more valuable and will be paid well. Even a well-functioning mathematical model — one that relies on good data — can still be tricked, if one knows how it works. My group has been studying algorithms for anomaly detection that can identify unusual transactions and present them to a human analyst for law enforcement. This means we also did not predict the new jobs that resulted (web page designers, user experience engineers, digital advertising, recommendation system designers, cyber security engineers and so on). Machine Learning is a department of computer science, a discipline of Artificial Intelligence. These are already represented in high level features, and in such applications deep learning does not provide much, if any, benefit. The same problem occurs in the reverse direction. However, there are many problems where we lack teachers but where we have huge amounts of data. Most machine learning methods require the data scientist to define a set of ‘features’ to describe each input. Many individuals picture a robot or a terminator when they catch wind of Machine Learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). In other words, we shouldn’t be afraid of a Skynet situation from weak AI. It is in applications made to solve specific problems, such as image recognition, car driving, playing Go, and so on. L2RPN: Learning to run a power network. The number of those areas grows every year. In both cases, company representatives were unable to explain these decisions, which were made by their algorithms. unavailable in African-American neighborhoods, How to protect your account from hackers and scammers, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced. I believe this leads us back to the Kurzweil-type technological singularity rather than to superintelligence. Google is developing software used for a military project called Project Maven that involves drones. Traditional software systems often contain bugs, but because software engineers can read the program code, they can design good tests to check that the software is working correctly. Human safety is the highest priority compared with damage to animals or property. For example, the war on terrorism has significantly — and incredibly quickly — changed some ethical norms and ideals in many countries.

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