Then one day, she cornered Sweet Pea. We have six females and two males. My cat Spanky sits up like a prairie dog and waves his paws when he wants to be petted. That being said, when multiple females are put together in a household they tend to fight for attention. It’s just a matter of making sure that they are taught that this type of behaviour isn’t tolerated (the actual fighting vs. the play fighting). Males and females may get along better than cats of the same sex could as there are fewer situations that can cause problems due to dominance. Friendships can form with older cats, but they are much more difficult. Even a cat’s play revolves around being aggressive. Male (neutered) cats are generally believed to be more accepting of other cats, both male and female. In a house where multiple tomcats are present, it usually turns out that the ones who see each other as competitors do not get along with each other. I think sometimes they just get tired of each other, or something. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That being said, even though we all know that there is enough love to around for all the kitties in the world, sometimes our kitties don’t actually know or understand that. Is My Cat Angry? Our other male (one of the above-mentioned littermates) absolutely adores him. Agreed, at the end of the day everything comes down to personality. There’s a very long list of reasons why the cats in your home may not get along… There have been no problems since. And I’ve had an equal number of affectionate female cats and affectionate male cats. One who is out-going and friendly but not on either extremes of the personality chart. Neither Beau or Kalista gets jealous when the other is taking attention, although I will say that Kalista sometimes gets hungry if you ignore her while you’re chilling with Beau. It’s a good idea to spay maternally aggressive cats to prevent future litters and future aggression problems.Play AggressionIt’s common for kittens and young cats to engage in rough, a… Why Does My Cat Bunt or Headbutt Me? Beau just enjoys lying in your lap, purring and enjoying his time with you. In cases like these, look up “bonded pairs.” These are pairs of siblings or cats who became best friends in a shelter/foster setting. So I’m curious pet parents, do you have a male cat, a female cat or both? By this I mean, they don’t fight anymore, besides the occasional teeny spat once in a blue moon. They are not … If they ever want to spend time with you, they make the decision to come sit with you. A female cat, of course, runs the risk of surprising you with a litter of kittens if you don't … I’m inclined to say there’s no real personality difference between male cats and female cats. Kittens are … Instead, you will end up with to angry cats who just hate being around each other. After all, just like people, all felines are separate individuals with distinct temperaments. A male and female … "Siblings teach us about fairness, cooperation, kindness and caring - quite often the hard way." Our original cat, a bit of a loner who does not like to cuddle but will sit nearby when she wants company, tries to go outside a lot more now than she ever did before. That being said, these factors tend to weigh more heavily on your cat’s personality rather than the sex of your cat. Ultimately, the cats' personalities are most important. He can’t get enough attention. Check out our blog article. a ragdoll kitten snuck into our apartment. Though again, there will be plenty of cats who don’t fit this mould, chances are just higher. It was truly one of the sweetest experiences of our lives, watching Beau interact with a young kitten he had never met before. You may have a special sweetheart on your hands 😉. Female cats who are pregnant are typically called Queens, which is extremely appropriate since all female cats need to be treated like princesses. “There is no ultimate answer to the question of whether male cats are better pets than female … to find a loving new home for a pet. Choose a cat with a complementary personality. My sister has two male cats, my mom has a male cat and I have a male cat. They are not very tolerant of outsiders and are less likely to cohabit harmoniously with a cat that they are not related to. Take time and analyze how your future cat interacts with other cats if there are some around. I’m really glad they are getting along much better now. This is as a preventative for fights and will ensure that your cats have plenty of space to chill out if they are having a bad day. They may fight over a female… My cats get along fairly well. They just spray everywhere. Your email address will not be published. But other times, the aggression can be subtler, says Dr. Franklin McMillan, director of well-being studies at Best Friends Animal Society. Cats tend to prefer consistency over change. For example, our cat Beau is a male cat who is primarily a British Shorthair, this actually makes him very cuddly compared to an American Shorthair. My Cat Wants Too Much Attention. The truth is, female cats spray too. Keep the new cat isolated for the first few days and feed your resident cat by the door. The first thing that really set us off to find a new sibling for Beau was when a ragdoll kitten snuck into our apartment. I would say no, it’s not a matter of more cuddly at least in my own experience. In general, the answer is that it does not matter. It’s in their blood. In most cases, the stronger tomcat always dominates the other cats. This proper introduction provides a better chance for success. Females are more likely to get along with a male rather than another female. Male cats are said to be more even-tempered and predictable than female cats and even more laid-back and relaxed than their female counterparts. A Maine Coon will start to get … Your email address will not be published. There are several reasons that cats might not get along. A very timid, shy cat would not do well with a very assertive cat. That being said, I personally believe that all pets should be spayed or neutered as both have proven to be beneficial for the longterm health of indoor cats. When it came to same-sex introductions, males were more likely to get along than two female felines. As the theory goes, females the wild will fiercely defend a small territory, but while other females are seen as rivals for their turf, males passing through in search of love are not seen as … Are they the cat who always starts playing? Personality really had a lot to do with whether or not these cats would get along, but does that mean that the sex of my cats didn’t have anything do? Other colors and patterns will show up equally in either gender. It may take several months or even longer, but as long as they aren't fighting with each other, it's fine to let them move at their own pace.Â. Qualities included that she was playful, independent, liked to cuddle, sometimes play with her brothers when she wanted, but mostly played solo and was not the alpha. Why is my Betta Fish Staying at the Bottom of the Tank? She learned to call to me when she was in distress, and I had to escort her to the litterbox. All-in-all you’re going to want to make sure you understand the personality of your cat before adopting a new one. I was already bringing my cat Beau, and Beau was still having some difficulties getting along with my mom’s cat, Walker. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bonded pairs should not be separated, as that can cause emotional trauma to the pair. I was actually able to visit Walker at his foster parent’s house before we adopted him, which although less common may also be a possibility if you ask the shelter you hope to adopt from. Shelters, especially those with foster programs, have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to kitty personalities. Adult male cats may threaten, and sometimes fight with, other males. If you adopt a young male cat who has been neutered at two or three months of age, it is 90% likely that your cat will never spray. Why Do Cats Rub Their Faces on Everything? I love all of them, but I worry about how they will get along as the kittens get older. You may find that two queens get along … How will the littermates get along … If both dogs have been neutered, there’s an even higher chance the two dogs will get along well. With a male and a female, the male can continue being the alpha, and the female can be the top female in the pack. They are different species so there will be no “sexual tension”. While Beau and Kalista have become quite a bonded pair, I would have to say that not everything had to do with their sexes. So are female cats more cuddly? We have a 16-month old spayed female that gave birth about 4 months ago (which would have been nice to avoid, but COVID), and now we have two of her kittens too, both female. Why Can’t Chinchillas Get Wet? Maternal aggression usually subsides once the kittens are weaned. I think my cat has pica… (Signs of Pica and what you can do to help). Considerations At the end of the day, no "yes" or "no" answer is in place for whether two male cats will get along better than two female cats. You see, Beau was never the one who instigated any of the fights. Although female cats tend to be a bit less aggressive than male cats, they still come with just as much responsibility. Beau was always excited when Walker wanted to play, but alas somehow Walker always took it a bit too far. Bonded pairs are the easiest pairings to adopt, especially because they have fewer people looking into their details. Our shelter also gave us the option to come to meet Kalista before our “week trial” and I’m sure plenty of other shelters do that. Dervish, our “big orange-and-white guy,” was about a year old when we were waylaid by the stray kitten with the Abyssinian-looking face and mottling. While some cats will fight much less than others, cats need to sort things out with their fists every so often. Instead, he just plants himself wherever he wants to be and doesn’t care if anyone has any problems with it. Aramis, by far, has been the most cuddly cat I’ve ever met. That being said, if you are hoping to adopt an older cat into your household, it would be best to speak to the shelter you are adopting from. Introducing a New Cat or Kitten to Your Cats. Cats of the opposite sex may get along better than pairs of males or females. Male tend to be very hyperactive and very territorial. What causes some cats to simply not get along? Hello was knocked over several feet, and she ran off to hide. ANSWER: In our experience, males are most likely to get along with other males (assuming they are neutered). They can even be hostile to each other . Though neutering a male cat will help balance out his hormone levels and may even alter his behaviour, having male cats will still be a bit of a handful. When I give her food, the kittens barge in. 🙂. Not to say that older animals aren’t able to change or get along with other cats. That being said, while Beau loves his lap time with us he never begs for attention. The only ones who really get into it are literally littermates who have spent every second of their lives together, one male, one female. As for whether to get a male or female, many people have believed for years you should get a cat … with resources to help you keep your pet when you can and find the perfect new home for It can be hard to find two cats who like being around each other and won’t fight on a regular basis. I know Beau used to put his paw on me when we first had him, but none of the other male cats we’ve had did. Usually if you have altered cats they get along best. Tom cats (intact male) also have the reputation for being friendlier to humans than a female cat … A long, long time ago, I saw a similar scenario play out between the first Dervish and his “little buddy,” Zorro. Funny to hear that the littermates are the ones who get the rowdiest. After a few days, open the door slightly so they can see other. It does to an extent, however, two males, two females, or even a pair of male and female can get along as long as they are introduced at a young age. I’m personally very happy we have a cat of each sex, especially because their personalities are fairly similar. Do Male And Female Cats Get Along Better? For awhile, one sister would really abuse her sibling, beating her up and refusing to let her use the litterbox, which resulted in some nasty accidents (Sweet Pea would do her business under the couch.) Female cats are known to get upset if attention is split between them and may actually hurt to get the attention of the owner. That being said, all factors still will come into play being things like breed, age, etc. Or we fall in love with one on Petfinder, or at our local shelter. When cats are younger they pose less of a threat, especially because a lot of times they still have a lot of development to do and/or haven’t become territorial or dominant about their space. Don't just toss them together. Think about it: they stalk, they chase, kick, pounce, scratch, swat, it’s what they do! Research out of Switzerland found that cats will often be more compatible with a cat of the opposite sex. The other takes it as a sign of weakness and unleashes on them. Hello would even attack her in the box, making a horrible mess in the process. It could be really annoying especially when the cats fight during the night. So, most of my experience with female cats comes from my friend’s cats and our latest addition, Kalista. If your cat grew up as the only cat, with little or no contact with other felines, he may react strongly when hes finally introduced to another cat because hes afraid of the unknown, he lacks feline social skills, and he dislikes the disruption to his routine and environment. I’m just saying that none of the male cats in my life have begged for attention, while Kalista has shamelessly flaunted herself all over me and my partner time and time again. Aramis, similar to Kalista, would rub her face all over you before jumping in your lap and would often ignore food if we were around and were able to pet her. It is also observed that tomcats get along well with other female cats. As for male cats and begging. My best advice is to make sure that your cats never fight it out. Signs that cats aren’t getting along can be obvious—all you have to do is listen for the hissing. These qualities fit pretty well with Beaus, especially the fact that she would play with herself and by her brothers. Avery and Bjorn, my sister’s cats are similar to Beau in the way that they don’t beg for attention. My Cat Won’t Drink! Is It Okay? When my partner and I moved in together we thought that we were going to be a single cat household. How Do I Clean My Chinchilla. Both cat and dog males are, in general, more aggressive and territorial than … Much depends on the cat’s personality. However, as this cat is friendly and gentle, they are usually able to get along well with other animals. There never seems to be any begging involved, other than whining if you’ve picked them up against their will or if you’re squirming around too much. REVIEW: JW Cataction Spring String Cat Toy. (Advice for Lethargic Bettas), writes music directly aimed to help keep cats chilled out and stress free. Rehome by is the safe, reliable, and free way Is That Normal? your pet when you can’t. Female cats can be just as territorial as males. She responds passively. The majority of first-time cat owners will look for a single cat, and those returning to the shelter/foster will probably already have a cat themselves. Health issues: If you find a genetic disease or defect in one cat, the other probably has it as well. This is espe… Learn more. So, choosing two cats may just be better than choosing one! Male tend to be very hyperactive and very territorial. Do Male And Female Cats Get Along Better? Do they start fights? You can run into issues if the cats … I have 4, one mom/daughter pair, one mom/son pair. Now, not everyone is lucky enough to have a cat at home and some people may be interested in adopting two cats at once. Some female cats spray while in heat, while some male cats have been known to be more affectionate. If you want to introduce adult cats… Do they steal other cat’s food? Allowing two unneutered male cats to live together is often a recipe for disaster, especially … So, while that matchup was no good, we had hopes of finding Beau the perfect sibling that would balance him out. My sister’s cats are going through a similar process right now, though it’s mostly a problem when one is constipated or coughing up a hairball. Funny enough, my sister’s cats actually have their own bedrooms where they have their own litter box, beds and even food bowls. Make sure you know what will get them upset or what kind of playmate they need, because not every cat needs a playmate to be happy. Unfixed male cats are driven by their hormones, and as a result can get very territorial and competitive with others. And, could you be missing some subtle signs that indicate all is not peaceful between your cats? Cats don't like change in general. Within minutes of her meeting me, she was already asking to be pet, held and groomed making it very evident that she was a female cat. Our dedicated team of experts is here to support you Anytime Beau would hear kittens, he would get excited, meow back and look for them. The kittens pretty much hog everything – food, attention, space. Things To Keep In Mind: Cats don't like change in general. These occurrences may be seen with scent battles, requesting petting until overstimulated, and just getting your undivided attention. But I absolutely agree, it’s pretty much a crapshoot, especially if you have a cat who’s personality changes based on who’s around. Learn how your comment data is processed. He would always get sad whenever the sound of kittens stopped and would either keep looking for them or come and sleep with us. That’s because female cats have been known to be a bit more assertive and aggressive than their male … Sweet Pea had had enough, and attacked her sister violently, biting and scratching and screaming at the top of her lungs. - Pamela Dugdale. Set up one litter box per cat, with one extra, in separate areas, and check to see that the resident cat … The two moms are also sisters. So…truly, it’s kind of a craps shoot. Pets Overload is a personal blog run by a twenty-something year old pet owner from Toronto, ON. The boisterous young cat been living with 3 adult females — Cricket, Kilah and Tikvah — and none of them had the slightest interest in playing with him. So a cat's first reaction to a new feline arrival may be anxiety or confusion. I personally believe that gender, other than as a personal preference of the guardian, is the least important consideration when it comes to choosing a good match for your resident cat. … Her likes, her dislikes, whether or not she liked playing with other cats, when she liked to cuddle, whether or not she was curious, etc. That being said, the majority of personality comes from the cat’s breed, socialization, age, and other forms of their history. I know sometimes power dynamics shift over the years, especially when one cat ends up doing a 180 and “puts the other in their place.”. Female cats aren’t considered as aggressive as male cats. Pet Care Tips, Reviews & Stories of our Pets, September 7, 2019 By Johnny Salib 7 Comments. This meant that if Beau didn’t want to play she would find ways of playing with herself, and would leave him alone. Required fields are marked *. Male cats can be difficult to keep your eyes on, especially if they aren’t neutered. Now, this doesn’t mean that the sex of your cat isn’t going to weigh into the decision of which cat to adopt. The only thing was, it was clear that Beau wanted to be a sibling. It is recommended if you are going to keep two male cats to always neuter them. Most adoption centers strongly encourage pet parents to spay and neuter their cats. Everyone wants to bond with him, and he kind of just wants to sleep but he lets everyone cuddle with him. Dependant on how territorial the cats are, the roughhousing may lead to cuts, scrapes or even injuries that will require a vet visit. That being said, even after knowing some of the most common differences between male and female cats, either pairing can work well and you don’t have to adopt one or the other. However, to date, the evidence is inconclusive as to whether the gender of the cat has an influence … At the end of the day, the truth is that all cats fight. well i am planning on adding another cat to my house hold and i was wondering would my cat get along more with a male or female here is some stuff to know about my cat: he is a male and he is neutered he is almost a year and i don't know if he gets along well with other cats so was wondering would he get along more with a female or male. They tend to have more of the “pick me up and pet me” behaviour, although in Kalista’s case it’s… pet me from far away and please don’t pick me up! That’s really interesting! An easy-going cat … As mentioned previously, there are certain breeds that come with their own set of personalities for male and female cats. Ginger cats are most likely to be male. That being said, I’ve personally felt the same way about female cats asking for attention versus male cats. Sure, you may get lucky and find that your cat is thrilled to have a new friend, but there is a better-than-average chance this won't be the case. When introducing a new cat into your household, gender is generally less important than matching energy level, age, size, and personalities. Â, Over time and with a little patience, it's likely that your cats will learn to tolerate each other. I change some words to his name, and he loves it. Cats do not like change, and will notice even the addition of a new piece of furniture in their territories. Sounds like Kalista, no?

do male and female cats get along

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